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The 2250 class (GT22C-3M) numbering 2251-2275 was rebuilt from several series of Clyde units, being 1550, 2130 and 2141 class locomotives. These upgrade and refurbishments involved a mass increase to approximately 110 tonnes, which was for the Newlands coal network and heavy coal train duties. The weight increased limited the 2250 class to selected networks, interestingly, 2256 was given the 'D' suffix to announce this however was the only unit of the series to receive that.

'The locomotive is fitted with an EMD turbo charger (fitted to 645E3C standard) along with a QR developed muffler; the engine will increase power, improve fuel economy and achieve a higher level of reliability and availability while the muffler reduces the noise considerably to meet QR’s environmental policy. The locomotive is equipped with EMD D31 traction motors; this has improved efficiency through the reduction of losses and better airflow distribution enabling to provide a higher continuous current. Provision has been made for ATP, Low Speed Control and an Event Recorder. Improvements to the operator cab include; Increased cab area, Air conditioning, high impact tinted windscreens, collision protection and sound insulation.' 
-Queensland Rail











Specifics for the fleet are 2251 to 2253 are in the QR Bronco livery, 2254 to 2275 are in the QR National Eagle livery. They were all outshopped from Queensland Railways Redbank Workshops from mid 2005 to early 2006. Interestingly 2264-2274 had bogie mounted sandboxes (no rear hood extrusion) even though all the units they had been rebuilt from had that feature. The rest had the rear extrusion, however it was non functional as they all had sandboxes on the bogies. 2275 was outshopped with a prototype 'suicide dunny' that was adopted by the 2300D class. As of 2015 all of the units had been withdrawn from service and sold to several African railway companies, two of these units became TE01 and TE02. Recently 5 2250s that had been acquired by Progress Rail had been overhauled and painted in the PR yellow, have been shipped back to Australia, these units being 2260, 2261, 2263, 2269 and 2275. 

The packs included contain QR, Aurizon, Progress Rail with their respective body styles and liveries. A fictional Watco livery has also been included as a concept as to what the Watco 2170s may look like. 


I would like to say a great thank you to the whole ATD team and,

Aaron (Azervich) for allowing me to mod and release his 2100 class bogies
Zec (S301) for providing the scripts that the ATD locomotives use
Tom (Lesley) for helping to achieve the ATD standard and helping with all of the aspects of modelling
Scott (Ghostryder) for providing great detail shots 

With all of that said, I hope you enjoy the first release of mine.
























Features on this locomotive include (of which some can be switched on or off via the 'properties' menu):
• Automatic running numbers (unless specific version) 
• Changeable marker light settings (Using the VR Set Train Lamps Rule, available on the DLS).
• Visible directional sand.
• Toggle switch to choose crew either visible or not, which also rotate depending on direction of travel.
• Automatic working windscreen wipers.
• Toggle switch for illuminated numberboards.
• Toggle switch for cab light.
• Toggle switch for external lights (step/bogie/coupler).
• Toggle switch for cab blinds.
• Animated coupler, compatible with other rollingstock/locomotives fitted with ACS coupling system.
• Authentic sounds including brake squeal, flange squeal, air brake and compressor sounds.
• 4 levels of detail to ensure good PC performance.
• Use of environmental, specular and normal maps to give realistic looking textures.

• Custom cab view (not entirely prototypical)


















*Please note, these have only been designed for TANE SP3 (PC) and above ONLY, we cannot guarantee they will work in earlier versions of Trainz and provide no support for people attempting to get them to work in earlier versions of Trainz.

QR 2250 Class Locomotives