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The VFMQ hopper wagon exclusively used for fertiliser traffic on the Mt Isa line from the Port of Townsville to Phosphate Hill. These wagons are modified VAMMB coal wagons, and fitted with semi permanent Ecofab fiberglass loading doors in the mid 90s. Usually seen in rakes of 52 wagons Train numbers west (up to PHH); 9T60, 9T62, 9T66, 9T74, 9T76, 9T80 and 9T82. East numbers (down to TSJ); 9261, 9263, 9267, 9275, 9277, 9281 and 9283. Sometime in the next few years, the three sets will start hauling 26 OSZY sulphuric acid tankers, ending 9T90 (52 OSZY) and 9T92 (26 OSZY) services.


A big thankyou to David for the tireless effort to apply the chameleon script and the amazing skins for the wagon. Also thanks to Steven Jesser for the bogies. 

QR/Aurizon VFMQ Fertiliser Hopper